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Tamarindo Park Foundation

Who Are We?

We exist as a voice for conservation and a guide for sustainable development.

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The Tamarindo Park Foundation exists to work in collaboration with developers, environmentalists, governmental authorities, residents, and the surrounding communities to ensure that Tamarindo Park is carefully and mindfully built, protecting the surrounding environment and the area’s biodiversity. 


Our Mission Is Simple.

Conscious Community
Development With Minimal Impact Through:


Adjacent to the  Marino Las Baulas National Park, Tamarindo Park is home to stunning beaches, endangered marine life, and lush tropical foliage. The Tamarindo Park Foundation is ardent about protecting this natural sanctuary, while harmoniously living near this protected area. Our conservation efforts focus on protecting all the treasured elements of Tamarindo. The water resources, the mangroves, and the flora and fauna – including green marine iguanas and the endangered leatherback turtle.


The Tamarindo Park Foundation wants to invest in the future by creating a lasting sense of environmental awareness. The education efforts will include campaigns to share information about our land, its biodiversity, and the importance of it’s many inhabitants to the larger ecosystem. We plan to share knowledge about mangroves, fire prevention, recycling, and much more.

Ongoing Research & Development

To continue to minimize our impact as effectively and efficiently as possible, we will perform ongoing research and development into new methods of conservation and sustainable living

From wild, untouched land to one of the world’s most popular surf destinations, Tamarindo has undergone a great transformation over the past few decades.

The Tamarindo Park Foundation Projects

Promoting Sustainable Development


The Tamarindo Park Foundation recognizes the immense value of our diverse natural environment. Not only will every tree that is used for construction be replaced, but organic gardens featuring regional crops, fruit trees, and native plants will be constructed within the project.

The Tamarindo Park Foundation will also dedicate efforts to the conservation, care, maintenance, and cleaning of the areas surrounding the San Francisco Mangrove Estuary, including strengthening the fire fighting and prevention endeavors in the area.


No great effort can be achieved single-handedly. We plan to unite public and private parties, both domestic and international, to work towards the same goal of preserving the natural assets that contribute to Tamarindo’s value.

Aligned initiatives will include the creation and operation of nurseries, reforestation practices, recovery of natural resources, and the protection of local water resources. We will work to create targeted alliances with  the Municipality of Santa Cruz, other organizations within the area and the various National Parks.


We believe that education is empowerment. We hope that sharing knowledge about the mangrove estuary, fire prevention, recycling, sustainable tourism, and other endevours will get residents more  passionate about conserving Tamarindo’s unique ecosystem.

Ideally this passion will lead to independent motivation in the surrounding communities to develop production and conservation practices of various natural resources. Eventually improving the environment and overall quality of life within Tamarindo.

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